Renren Bai


PRESIDENT Renren is the Senior Advisor, Formal Publisher, Editor-in-chief of Canada China News (CCN) newspaper, winner of the 2006 Best Ethnic Media in Canada award. Renren Bai is the advisor of ComefromChina Media Group, Editorial Board of New Canadian Media, Advisor of Canadian Federation of Chinese Students, Development Advisor of Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre, Committee Member of Government and Community Relations Committee, Ottawa Real Estate Board. Renren Bai is also the past Vice-president, and Advisor to the Federation of Ottawa Chinese Community Organizations (FOCCO), the largest Chinese community organization representing 39 Chinese groups in Ottawa. Renren Bai was given the Business Award in 2012 by Immigrant Women Services Ottawa. She also received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

Business Award 2012

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal


Zahirul Hasan Khan, Ph.D.


Vice PRESIDENT Dr. Zahirul Hasan Khan is an inventor, and Enterpreneur, and a Scientist. Dr. Khan's multidisciplinary research includes clean technologies for pollution control, quality management in health care system, and entrepreneurship focusing on immigrant population. <!--more-->He is an Ottawa Community Immigration Services Organization (OCISO) career mentor; he has been mentoring internationally educated new immigrant professionals who are seeking employment. He also worked as an executive member of University of Ottawa’s Entrepreneurship Club. Dr. Khan is dedicated to working with immigrant communities in Canada.

Zahirul Hasan Khan


Rukhsana Ahmed, Ph.D.


ADVISOR Dr. Ahmed's research focuses on the role of communication processes in improving health outcomes among marginalized communities and promoting broader social changes in local and international health contexts. Currently, Dr. Ahmed is leading <!--more-->the Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative (OMMI), a multi-researcher, multidisciplinary and multisectoral partnership, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, that links the University of Ottawa and the City of Ottawa to a network of multicultural media producers, leading multicultural media scholars and practitioners, representatives of the city’s Chinese, Somali, South Asian and Latin American communities, and other local stakeholders.

Rukhsana Ahmed



"Over this summer, July 25, 2015, we had the immense pleasure of attending and speaking at the workshop organized by New Immigrant Entrepreneurs Association (NIE Canada) on “Entrepreneurship in the Global Context.” It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our new company that we have been developing throughout the summer time. We pitched MaplesDrones, a photo and video production company specializing in drone footages, which is a new technology and has huge potential in Ottawa. It was a valuable experience to practice on our presentation and pitching skills in front of an impressive audience. Panel members included several successful local and national business owners, rising political figures, senior employees in private and public sectors, academics, and bright young students. Everyone shared their experiences and struggles with a startup business, as well as offered their valuable tips and insights. The NIE workshop was particularly useful in bringing together entrepreneurial individuals for sharing ideas and contacts through a friendly atmosphere. We received excellent feedback from the audience on the workshop day, and also managed to have our first client through various introductions stemming from our pitch. We had a very good networking opportunities and learned the importance of meeting new people for a start up. It was also through the continuous feedback of our contacts and the hosts, Ms.Renren Bai and Dr. Khan, that we improved upon our business plan. It now incorporates the development of a platform where fellow drone enthusiasts can review, research, buy/sell, or simply talk about drones with each other. Our current business plan, which is the culmination of input from a variety of people we met through the NIE workshop, was recently nominated by the Chunhui Cup for a finalist selection in Guangzhou, China to be held in winter 2015. We are hopeful about this new chapter of our start up business, and would love to thank NIE Canada for all the opportunities they provided us with!"